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Saint Tryphon Farm and Vineyards

Real. Texas. Wine.

Saint Tryphon by Rimi Yang

Rimi Yang is an ethnic Korean who was born and raised in Osaka, Japan. In1986, she emigrated from Japan to the United States to study at Bowling Green University in Ohio.  In 1991, Rimi moved to Los Angeles and studied at California State University, the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art, and the Otis College of Art and Design.  Rimi also spent a summer studying at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy.  Rimi has since lived and worked near the ocean in Santa Monica.

Celebrating the chaotic emotional duality that exists in life, Rimi revels in the confusion mankind creates in its attempt to order the un-orderable and to explain the unexplainable. Adhering to Joseph Campbell’s dictum, “the best things in life are those you cannot explain”, her paintings are intuitive, instinctive, and are a balancing act of contrasts.

Building up and tearing down surfaces and searching for reason in images where none exists, Rimi creates that imaginary perfect world of equilibrium on each canvas. Creating a new language with every work, using each as a stepping stone to the next, she is dedicated to making each painting better than her last.  Yang’s work is universal in spirit yet personally intimate is evident upon viewing the non-deconstructed whole.

Intensely curious about both Eastern and Western art history, Yang reveals new meaning by deconstructing iconic images of each culture, borrowing images from masterpieces; flower paintings by Fantin-Latour, Japanese woodblock images of Geisha by Eizan, portraits of madams by Ingres. At the same time, Yang cultivates new methods by mixing up techniques from various painting styles, escorting viewers down the path of her unique and mysterious wonderland.

Yang has exhibited in California, Florida, Georgia, New York and Ohio in the United States; Toronto, British Columbia and Newfoundland in Canada and more recently London and Copenhagen, Shanghai and Berlin.