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Saint Tryphon Farm and Vineyards

Real. Texas. Wine.

Our Story

Great growers, great vineyards, great families, great Texas wine.

Saint Tryphon (pronounced tree-fon) Farm & Vineyards developed from three core loves: TEXAS, the great wines of the world and good people. Our goal is to craft great wines from great vineyards in Texas. And by “great” we mean interesting, wild and authentic.

We are a family farm and we work to curate a farm that works to create harmony within itself. Love, compost, rigor & invention. We are a bit interesting, wild and authentic too, just like our wines.

Saint Tryphon is an ancient Christian saint. He is the patron of wine-growers, gardeners and birds. We humbly strive to honor his patronage through minimal intervention in the cellar and vineyard.

Saint Tryphon

Saint Tryphon (pronounced tree-fon) is a third century Christian martyr. Little is known about his life: from his youth he possessed the ability to heal both people and animals, he was a herder of geese and he was martyred at the young age of 16. Later on, during the reign of Ivan the Terrible in Russia there lived a man named Tryphon after the third century Saint Tryphon who served as Ivan’s hunting lackey. One day while out on a hunt together, Ivan lost his best hunting falcon. He blamed Tryphon for his loss and demanded Tryphon find the falcon or suffer beheading.  Tryphon had no luck and on the third day prayed to his patron saint, Tryphon, imploring him to help him find the bird. The saint appeared to Tryphon in a dream assuring him all would be well.  Upon waking, Tryphon discovered the falcon in a nearby pine tree and returned it to Ivan. Upon hearing the story of the vision, Ivan orders the construction of a church in honor of the Saint on the spot where the vision occurred. Saint Tryphon’s connection to the natural world inspired his patronage of agriculture, animals (particularly birds) and viticulture. His feast day is celebrated every February 1st accompanied with prayers for the upcoming growing season.







Silouan Bradford

Silouan Bradford is the proprietor and Winemaker at Saint Tryphon Farm & Vineyards. His life in wine began with a visit to John Konsgaard of Konsgaard Wines in Napa in 1999. Riveted by the hospitality of his family and the profoundness of his wines, Silouan became a student of the wine world. Upon finishing his degree, Silouan pursued work in wine, first in retail and then later in wholesale, managing a portfolio of 10,000 wines for a large distributor. His responsibilities were mainly fine wine and afforded him the opportunity to become deeply familiar with the great wines of the world and to travel across Europe and North America to meet some of the greatest producers. The concept of Saint Tryphon began in 2011 when Silouan met the Texas natural winemaker Lewis Dickson whose approach to winemaking deeply interested and inspired him. In 2013 Silouan purchased the property which became Saint Tryphon Farm & Vineyards and began the work of transforming the property into their dream. In 2016 the estate vineyard was planted and the first wines of Tryphon were produced from fruit in the Texas High Plains and the Texas Hill Country. Saint Tryphon opened to the public in February of 2018. Silouan’s goal is to craft beautiful and elegant wines from grape varietals that have found a serendipitous home on Texas terroir and to do so with as minimal intervention in the cellar as possible.

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