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Silouan Bradford, proprietor, winemaker, and sommelier, believes that great wine comes from the symbiosis of nature and nurture. “The character of wine is defined by the character of the land and the character of the people,” he says.

At our winery, which was founded in 2016, we embrace Silouan’s philosophy through non-interventionistic winemaking methods. By allowing the character of the fruit to express itself, we create wines that reflect the unique terroir at our 1890s Texas Hill Country homestead. This homestead has a rich history in the region’s wine industry, and we are proud to carry on its legacy through our approach to winemaking.

In addition to our commitment to nature, we also honor our cultural heritage by celebrating Saint Tryphon, the patron saint of grape-growers, gardeners, hunters, and horses. His feast day on February 1st is an important occasion for us, as we offer prayers for the upcoming growing season and reflect on the importance of balance and harmony in our winemaking process.

We invite you to experience the character of our wines and the character of our people, and to discover the unique terroir that makes our winery truly special.


Farmhouse Vineyards

Farmhouse Vineyards is a brother/sister combo multi-generation farm family that farms four vineyards in three different sites in the Texas High Plains AVA.  Farmhouse focuses on varietals well-suited to the dry High Plains terroir, and for us at Tryphon, the gem of their land is Mourvedre.  They are first and foremost growers, focusing on quality over yield.

Newsom Vineyard

The Newsom’s are pressing to be one of the top wine grape growers for Texas wineries. They truly believe in the future and superiority of Texas wine and wine grape production. The High Plains consistently produces the finest quality wine grapes and the wineries of Texas know this and continue to look to the region for more of its grapes.

Saint Tryphon by Rimi Yang

Rimi Yang, a Korean-born artist based in LA, painted the legendary portrait of Saint Tryphon that hangs in our tasting room. The patron saint of grape growers, Saint Tryphon inspires our winemaking, and we honor him with offerings of flowers and lit candles. Rimi’s painting captures the saint holding a dove, symbolizing the peaceful sanctuary we strive to create at our winery. She continues to create new works of art for our tasting room, and we are grateful for her contributions.

Pet Nat Trio





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